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HT6812 series of environmentally friendly PVC

HT6812 series of environmentally friendly PVC stabilizers have excellent photo-thermal stability, vulcanization resistance, excellent dispersion, internal and external lubricity and processability. High efficiency, low dosage, high cost performance, can be replaced by the same amount of lead salt, versatility. Used for water pipes, wood-plastic flooring, wallboard and other products.


Technical characteristics

Appearance: White powder

Metal oxides: greater than or equal to 10%

Initial melting point: greater than or equal to 60 degrees Celsius


Suggested use

Every 100 copies of PVC resin plus 3.5-4 copies for water pipes, wood-plastic products, etc.





Recipe example

Sewerage Pipeline (Environmental Protection)

PVC powder: 100 copies.

Stearic acid: 0.5-1

CAC03:50-100 copies

PE wax: 0.5-1 parts

HT6812:3.5-4 copies

Titanium dioxide: some


Recipe example

PVC floor

PVC powder: 100 copies.

300 copies of CACO3:

HT6812:7-10 copies

CPE:7 copies

ACR:3-4 copies

PE wax: 1.2 copies.

G60: 1.2 copies


Packaging storage

25 kg per pack. This product is packed in paper-plastic bags lined with PE film. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated room for one year from the date of production.



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