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On the heaven of the great
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      Chinese culture is broad and profound.Since ancient times, it has advocated that "everything is done by man, and heaven rewards diligence.". On the ninth lunar month of the year of thehorse in Jiawu, Zhejiang businessman Zhang Weimin Hongtian. in Shanyin, Kuaiji.During this period, due to the continuous expansion of business scale, thecompany changed its address several times. In the fourth lunar month of theyear of gengzi, the company finally set up Wanli science and technologyinnovation industrial park for Hongtian.

    Today, office buildings, standard plants,high-end equipment, test center, 5S management, national patents, talentapartments and so on are all available. The main products - Hongtian brand HTseries green environmental protection PVC calcium zinc stabilizers have beenflourishing and shining in China, and have won great praise. There are oftenprovincial and municipal leaders, industry experts and customers from all overthe world.

     However, only by keeping pace with thetimes can we stand for a hundred years. The second phase project with an annualoutput of 100000 tons of calcium zinc stabilizer has been approved by thehigher authorities. Hongtian people, with the sense of urgency of the times andthe sense of historical mission of "making contributions to the progressand development of human society", are writing a new magnificent chapterby never forgetting their original intention and forging ahead!

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